Read about Iyengar Yoga Method

We offer two levels in Iyengar Yoga method, with Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Sam Cooper:


This class focuses on classical standing poses, seated poses, inversions, and relaxation poses.  It is the perfect choice for students new to Iyengar yoga or for students looking to build a stronger foundation in their practice. The poses that are learned in this class are a necessary foundation and it is recommended that students stay at this level for at least ten weeks. We have ongoing beginner class, You can sign up HERE

Level I/II

This class is for students well practiced in foundational postures.  At this level, students will expand on foundational postures and refine and develop their yoga asana practice at more subtle levels. Students at this level are strongly encouraged to practice regularly at home to fuel and support their understanding of the refinements taught in class. This class continues to focus on the basic alignment of the standing poses and introduces a broader range of sitting poses, twists, forward and back extensions and inversions.


Let your teacher know what your level of yoga experience and physical condition(s) are so (s)he may assist with modifications or adjustments.