The yoga wall is used as a prop to deepen poses by opening and creating space in the body using

therapeutic techniques. Additionally, using the yoga wall helps improve flexibility, deepens

students’ understanding of yoga, and aides in the ability to access various muscle groups in poses

that may not yet be achievable on the mat. Overall, the yoga wall is safe, fun and easy to use,

allowing beginners to advanced yoga practitioners to heal from injuries and grow individual


Registration is required. ONLY 6 spots are available at this time.

Private and semi private Yoga Wall Class is available upon request. 

Yoga wall classes do require pre-registration. If you are signed up for one of the yoga wall classes with a waiting list, and you fail to cancel 4 hours prior to the start of class, a $15 charge will incur. Registration for the yoga wall can be done online or in studio, maximum three weeks in advance.