A small step can be a big leap!
— ONE student with chronic disease

Do you prefer a more restorative practice?  Are you stressed?  Coming back from injury or surgery? This type of yoga practice is for you. Designed to create a healthy body and a peaceful mind, therapeutic classes are for people who seek gentle movement, mental and emotional soothing, or who simply need their poses adjusted to suit an injury or disability. If you wish to try yoga for the first time and are hesitant about your physical strength or stamina, Therapeutic yoga is a fantastic place to start. Therapeutic classes help you become more aware of your body within the very first few minutes of class, so that by the end you will have a strong sense of physical and mental improvement and relaxation.

Gentle Therapeutic with Kathy or Dragana - LEVEL

Align and Grow with Dragana~ Alignment based class, Level I/II

Chair Yoga with Kathy - LEVEL ♨   Take a comfortable seat! Affectionately named Grumpy Old Men! - or G.O.M. - this is a chair-based class. Have you hesitated to participate in a yoga class due to the challenge of sitting on the floor? In this class, a chair will be used for seated poses and for support in various standing poses. We will also incorporate a variety of poses done either prone or supine, on the floor, so students should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor. This class is great for students who find sitting on the floor uncomfortable, including those with arthritis, hip, knee or back issues, as well as  those living with chronic illnesses. 

FloorPlay with Dragana - LEVEL ♨   Saturday mornings' practice is both therapeutic and invigorating. Focusing on the Art of Surrender, and the Art of doing NOTHING, this class is healing, slow, deep, rejuvenating, and restorative; a relaxing end of week practice. It brings JOY to all levels of experience, infused with Dragana's touch of Thai Bodywork adjustments.

- "I feel like I just had a massage" J.F.
- "I wish this class had no ending" J.B

Gentle Yoga with Jane - LEVEL ♨   This class is designed for all levels of practitioners, experienced and new to yoga. Energize, balance and restore.This is a very slow pace class with clear instruction and modifications when needed.

SPICE  LEVEL      Mild     ♨♨ Spicy     ♨♨♨ Hot     ∞ Allspice

Let your teacher know what your level of yoga experience and physical condition(s) are so (s)he may assist with modifications or adjustments.