Hatha classes explore classic yoga poses – sitting and standing poses, balances, inversions, etc. The teacher gives detailed instructions on breath and alignment and encourages you to work safely and at your own level. There’s usually plenty of time for individual attention, especially if the class is small.

Chair Yoga with Kathy LEVEL ♨   Take a comfortable seat! Affectionately named Grumpy Old Men! - or G.O.M. - this is a chair-based class. Have you hesitated to participate in a yoga class due to the challenge of sitting on the floor? In this class, a chair will be used for seated poses and for support in various standing poses. We will also incorporate a variety of poses done either prone or supine, on the floor, so students should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor. This class is great for students who find sitting on the floor uncomfortable, including those with arthritis, hip, knee or back issues, as well as  those living with chronic illnesses. 

Practice Lab with Carol invites the conversation about what makes for effective asana. We are will to experiment, explore, create and play. All classes are taught with alignment principles of tensegrity, flow, form and function in mind. Yoga postures have an inherent energy that works on the body at multiple layers. Mindfulness of these principles allow each student to embrace their practice of yoga at any level and foster a complete mind-body-heart-spirit approach. 

Practice Lab - LEVEL ♨ & ♨♨   This class is structured to be suitable for the beginner student as well as those who may have therapeutic demands.  Emphasis is on key alignment principles that create a foundation for a life-long yoga practice.  Students can expect poses from all categories to develop strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Class includes instruction in breathing practices - Pranayama - and meditation.

Practice Lab - LEVEL ♨♨ & ♨♨♨   This class explores asana from basics to advanced. Classes are full spectrum- meaning all categories of asana are explored as well as Pranayama and meditation. All students are instructed and supported while working at their own level.  Sequencing is dynamic, creative and challenging. 

Form and Flow with Jaimee - LEVEL ∞   A mix of vinyasa and alignment, this yoga class emphasizes the connection between the body's movement and breath, while ensuring proper positioning of the body in each asana (or pose). It starts with a few warming sun salutations, followed by a series of stretches and openers to prepare the body for a specific peak pose - such as a back bend, inversion, or arm balance - and winds down with counter poses and relaxation aimed to rebalance and integrate.

Open Hatha with Kathy - LEVEL   This alignment-based class is appropriate for most students. You will be encouraged to work safely and at your own level.  General instruction will be given, with modifications offered for those with less experience and refinements suggested for more advanced practitioners. We will explore and refine a wide range of Asana, standing, seated, twists, arm balances and inversions.  Students will be encouraged to deepen their experience and understanding making the poses their own. 


SPICE  LEVEL      Mild     ♨♨ Spicy     ♨♨♨ Hot     ∞ Allspice

Let your teacher know what your level of yoga experience and physical condition(s) are so (s)he may assist with modifications or adjustments.