Flow classes are faster-paced and take more energy, they are a yoga choreography of sorts. In flow classes, classic yoga poses – sitting,  standing, balances, inversions, etc. – are synchronized with the breath. Each pose segues right into the next one. If already you know the basic poses and if you love to dance, try a flow class. In any given flow class, you will find elements of several types of yoga, put together by your teacher to create a unique flow.

50/50 Vinyasa with Dragana - LEVEL    This class is about being 100% Alert, Alive and Awake! AAA. In the first 50% (45min) of class, we explore the foundational  poses, each pose is held for several breaths while instructed with focus on alignment.  This practice allows you to slow down and connect with your inner guidance while strengthening the body and minds alertness.   The second 50% (45 min ish) of this class, we will surrender to a deep, restorative, healing practice with restorative postures and inversions.

Practice Lab Flow with Carol - LEVEL ♨♨   Invite the conversation of what makes yoga work in a flow style class. Expect challenging, creative vinyasa style sequences with attention to alignment and sound bio-mechanical principles. 

Ashtanga Yoga   - LEVEL   The primary series is referred to as Yoga Chikitsa or Yoga Therapy. This is an introduction to Ashtanga with emphasis on vinyasa flow (connecting breath and movement) and a series of standing, seated and closing postures. The asanas in the primary series are designed to realign the spine, detoxify the body, and build strength, flexibility, stamina. Ashtanga is a challenging practice, but modifications for all levels of students are available. We do not offer ashtanga yoga "classes", we meet in "Mysore" setting for SELF practice. (no teacher on site)

SPICE  LEVEL      Mild     ♨♨ Spicy     ♨♨♨ Hot     ∞ Allspice

Let your teacher know what your level of yoga experience and physical condition(s) are so (s)he may assist with modifications or adjustments.