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Alexander Technique 5 Week Session

With Ann Seelye, Certified AT teacher and personal trainer

Could your posture be causing you pain?Do you want to improve your posture and have better co-ordination and balance? And ease and grace?

Do you want to decrease and/or do away with pain and stiffness?

Do you want to enhance your performance in creative arts and sports?

Then the Alexander Technique could help you!

The Alexander Technique helps you to use your body/mind to your best advantage in your everyday movements such as walking, sitting, standing, bending and lifting, as well as more specific activities such as playing an instrument, playing a sport, driving, sweeping, using a computer or digging in the garden. You can learn how to take unwanted tension out of your movements, move more naturally rather than habitually and co-ordinate yourself with freedom and ease.

The Alexander Technique is applicable to any human activity, is completely safe to learn, and is useful to people of all ages.

  • Give you an experience of greater ease and awareness
  • Teach some basic body mapping. We move according to our unconscious body maps which are very often inaccurate.
  • New ways of sitting, standing, bending- finding an easier way to do things
  • Some activities to explore and play with at home

Investment: $100 (5 sessions) or $25 drop in



Later Event: October 21