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Yoga for Asymmetric Pelvis

Yoga for the Asymmetric Pelvis

With Lillah Schwartz

Change how you think about Yoga

Join this therapeutic journey of yoga poses to open, tone, and stabilize the muscles of the hips and pelvic floor, relieving the pain associated with an uneven gait, pelvic rotations, and leg length discrepancies.

Discover  • the importance of alignment

    • the true definition of core strength

    • how to access your pelvic floor

‘‘Lillah shares a foundational but often overlooked topic of sacral and pelvic floor stability. These handy tools I use in Yoga Therapy, Clinical Massage and Ayurvedic consults to enhance my clients self understanding and better their quality of life.” ~Marek Sawicki

Friday 6-9 pm:  Awaken the psoas muscle and explore how to maintain healthy hips.

Saturday morning (10-1 pm): Poses for core strength, to un-stick the sacro-illiac joints, and balance the pelvic floor.

Saturday Afternoon (2:30-5:30 pm): Theory and practice, the four types of SI joint imbalances, the five muscle tests, and the Sacral Stabilization Sequence.

Sunday Morning (8:30 – 12:30 pm): Pranayama practice focused on ease of breath with retentions on both the inhale and exhale. Followed by poses to progressively tone the pelvic ring, Plus a weekend review.

Fees: $60 Friday, $65 Saturday, individual sessions, $75 for Sunday.

REGISTER HERE Whole weekend $235 includes a copy of her book! Book retail: $22.95

A nationally recognized expert in yoga’s structural benefits, Lillah Schwartz, offers this signature workshop to help you tap into yoga’s healing and strengthening power. For over three decades students have found relief with her guidance. She brings the science and spirit of yoga to hundreds of people each year who have connected with their healing potential, overcome their pain, and improved their functional ability. Yoga teachers can increase their knowledge on "spine and hip care" as it relates to their teaching, and students can learn new techniques to improve their daily life.


C-IAYT, E-RYT500, Iyengar Trained, Author, Mentor.

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