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Ashtanga Project 1

Episode 1

Sun Salutations~ Research and Strength Building

Surya Namaskara, Sun Salutations , per teachings of Ashtanga Vinyasa Method.

In this Workshop we shall:
Research and Explore Sun Salutations step by step.
Study it's individual poses (asanas) and their dynamic actions and transitions using Hatha yoga techniques.
Connect postures and synchronize movement and Breath with Focus (drishti) into Vinyasa.
Learn safe modifications (for injuries or levels of practice) , add dynamism to build strength.

This project is oriented to different groups of students, possibilities for exploration are infinite.
Experienced students will dive into intricate movements and seek ways to add dynamism and strength to their practice.
Those newer and new to the practice will learn many possibilities for execution of sun salutations and their individual positions.
If you can not do Downward Dog position, there will be plenty to explore for you too!
We will have different focus groups and each will receive appropriate direction.

In episode 2 ~ The "Father and Mother" of asanas, the closing sequence poses. Sirsasana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) their preparation, execution and variations.

Inversions to transform and strengthen your practice, or start for the first time. Safe, creative, supportive.

From our Teacher David Garrigues:

"Vinyasa can be defined as sequential, sacred movement and posture performed with seamless concentration, and drishti is training yourself to maintain your gaze where you choose.

You use these techniques like you use a pressure cooker, with attention and care. You utilize discipline, mental power, intention, intuition and skill to go within and tap your resources. you apply pressure to yourself, with the intention of generating creative energy to pierce through and perceive reality, and it is important to use caution when working with life force in this way.You must take this process seriously and care for and respect yourself." Ashtanga Yoga Maps and Musings

Investment: $30 (early bird until 9/10) $35 after

Look for the next episode in Ashtanga Project Series.

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