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Watering the Tree Outside the Fence experiential inward journey
with Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D.,

and Dragana Pavic-Zappia
Saturday, May 30, 1-3:30 pm

Investment: $35, Register before 5/26 for $30


In the mystical Jewish tradition, the sages teach to make a fence around the Torah to keep it safe. The Torah-Hebrew Bible is considered the Tree of Life, the core or soul of who you are. The fence is how we live in the world through telling our stories to our Self and to others and uncovering our mission and identity. We are committed as life long learners to learn, to unfold and to bloom. And we often create for our self a fence of protection that often limits us, even as we are enjoying the blessings of the familiar and of comfort as well as emotional and sometimes physical safety.
Through mindful movement, creative expression, dialogue and story telling we will explore our Tree of Life and our fences and begin to notice where we want to water our tree outside our fence and that we have the key for the lock.

Please bring your crayons, colored pencils and a large piece of paper.


Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky, Ph.D., TZiPi is a life-long learner, rabbi-teacher, coach, artist and woman of the world. Her primary kavana -- intention -- is to heal the world one
heart at a time, starting with herself. She is a mentor-coach and leader development training coach founder of Watering The Tree Outside the Fence Foundation and Co-Creator of the Society of the Vav. She blends the teachings of mystical Hebrew Wisdom and her 25 years of experience as an executive leadership coach, occupational therapist, mindfulness teacher and global traveler into her teaching and living. She is fun and funny and pushes herself and you to say ‘yes, and…’ to life. Her books The Spiritual Pilgrim Discovers Home, Are you a spiritual Pilgrim? and AND: Building a World of Connection through Jewish Mystical Wisdom show her desire to learn and share her journey hopefully inspiring you to listen to your heart coming back to your true self.


Dragana Pavic-Zappia, is a mover of energy and emotions. She facilitates and inspires her students, teaching from her formal and informal yoga and life experiences. She has learned through disciplining herself how to practice the blending of form and fluidity finding a deep inner calm and peace with the breath of life. She designs and then choreographs the movements within each class depending on the needs of her students with the purpose of getting out of the mind and into the body by following the breath. Through her own exploration she creates a container of direction and focus. Dragana is Kundalini Research Institute Certified yoga teacher as well as Nia White Belt certified. She has over 200 hours of Thai Yoga Therapy training has over a decade of practicing and teaching various styles of yoga and movement. As she loves to say, ‘it is all good!’

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