A new studio with an old soul: ONE's ancestry.

ONE Yoga Sanctuary is the rebirth of Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts

Kim Nichols Cech, a great mentor of Beaufort's contemporary dance and yoga, inspired a rich legacy. She brought a deep understanding to the artistry, mechanics, and emotional language of the body. Her mastery of form, compassion and the subtlety of her practice became a distinct approach to yoga for the hundreds of students that she touched over the years.

Her passing in the New Year of 2013 left a community of friends, co-instructors and practitioners, in a mixed state of grief, meditation, and a profound desire to celebrate and carry on her unique legacy, through our common yoga practice. What followed was a patient process, which led to the creation of ONE Yoga Sanctuary. Through extended collaboration with Kim's family and friends, ONE became a seed, an opportunity to let our creative energy move us forward in this precious circle of life.

An Exploration of the Light Within

ONE Yoga Sanctuary owner and director, Dragana Pavic-Zappia, has always had an experimental approach to the body arts. Whereas some people view yoga as a powerful form of exercise and stress relief -both of which it certainly is- Dragana's approach to yoga is simpler and deeper at once. For her, yoga is an exploration of the light within each one of us. It is body work and light work, because the practice puts us in touch with the infinite source of happiness and joy that is constantly available to us. 

What desperately needs your attention right now is your happiness in your own skin!